Vande Gurunam Charanaravinde
Sandarshita Svatma Sukava Bodhe
Nih Sreyase Jangalikayamane
Samsara Halahala Mohashantyai
Abahu Purushakaram
Shankhacakrsi Dharinam
Sahasra Sirasam Svetam
Pranamami Patanjalim

Thanks to the teachers before who have passed on this practice, to help us discover Sef knowledge and Self awareness.

The teachers have given us a detailed path. So we are able to realise and let go of delusion in the mind.

Particular thanks to the teacher/sage Patanjali, who had ultimate knowledge and insight and gave us a system for realising enlightenment through yoga, showing us all that is ever changing and all that is ever lasting, thank you.



Svasthi Praja Bhyaha Pari Pala Yantam
Nya Yena Margena Mahim Mahishaha
Go Brahmanebhyaha Shubamastu Nityam
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi



May all of humankind be happy and well

May the great leaders protect the earth in every way by the path of just virtue

May there be perpetual joy for those who know the real nature of things

May all the worlds be happy

Om Peace, Peace, Peace


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a method that you follow a set sequence of asanas which focuses on breath, drishti (gaze) and bandhas in particular.

Although Ashtanga Yoga is known as a very dynamic style, it is still suitable for all abilities with appropriate modifications. My main goal in this practice is to help you build your own practice with confidence. Then hopefully you will be able to experience the benefits of this practice.
Also expect some hands-on adjustments in my classes, this is to guide your body and mind towards the most beneficial alignments. However, id you don’t like hands-on adjustments pls let me know without hesitation.

Mysore Style:

This is one of the best ways to build your own practice and memorise the sequence.
In a Mysore class everyone practises at their own pace with appropriate modifications if needed. You are given the first asanas of the primary series to begin with, then as you achieve these asanas and your breath becomes comfortable your teacher adds on more asanas and this process goes on for the rest of the primary series and beyond.
Your teacher is there to support and guide you through the practice so you are always able to ask for help. You can expect some hands-on adjustments from your teacher.

Perfect for beginners.

Led Class:

Everyone practices the same sequence together according to teacher’s breath count and instructions. In this style there is little time for teacher to explain all asanas in depth so students are expected to know some part of the sequence. If you are not familiar with the sequence it may be better to attend Mysore style classes first. Not suitable for beginners.

Why join a Led Class? 

It is an energetic and flowing practice. If you like this kind of practice it’s a perfect place to be.

Also, if you have a self-practice, LED class is perfect to experience the group energy and improve your breath awareness throughout the practice. It helps you to establish a flowing practice as you are able to link each asana through breath awareness and bandha work.

Who can join?

Anyone who;

* has been attending a self-practice classes,
* has a regular Yoga practice at least for a year,
* has done Vinyasa Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Hot Yoga etc,
* loves challenges and a dynamic practice




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